Dear god I

Dear god I Pray that Yusuf Muhammad will love and look after and play with jasmine grace armitage just as if she’s his little girl. Please heal and strengthen their relationship. Jasmine says Thank you for bringing them together, for all the happy times together and being an Example of world peace. Jasmine is really sorry for all sins and wants help to be more like you god. please can Yusuf have time to go to jasmine at least four times a week right now and then everyday and in the night too like he said he will try to do once moved closer to him. Please give them back all the time jasmine feels they’ve missed out on. Please can Yusuf never go on holiday without jasmine and never abandon or ignore jasmine under any circumstances. Jasmine wants to be a light in his life and not stress. Also please can Yusuf love jasmine even for all her flaws, please can he be more clearer with his feelings and show her though speech message and actions his love for her. please can he understand jasmine and know how to help her too. Please can no matter what happens can he do all the things that jasmines been praying for and what’s gonna get mentioned in the better help letter. Please can Yusuf be loyal and trustworthy and honest to jasmine and to only look after, love, hug, play, sensory and such with only jasmine and no one else. Please can he never betray jasmine. Please can he treat jasmine like his daughter, best-friend, family member, little angle sweetheart princess baby little girl. Please can jasmine get all the safety, settled, love, care, sensory and happy that she’s felt she’s missed out on her whole life and Especially with her relationship with Yusuf. Jasmine really prays to have a happy life with Yusuf while here on this earth. Please put stability predictability, reliability into this relationship. Jasmine forgives Yusuf for everything and asks that he can forgive and understand jasmine too and that they can have a fresh start in their relationship. Please can jasmine get lots and lots of reassurance from Yusuf especially right now and can he call jasmine right now too and to never let jasmine down or disappointed or confused. I pray that Yusuf will love and enjoy jasmine as much as she loves and enjoys him in everything and I pray that he can become a proper and perfect guardian for her. Its jasmines dream to live with a full time guardian who she would love ideally to be Yusuf and Yusuf says he would love to look after her all the time too but due to his work and family life it seems impossible. Please god make this possible. Please can he put her first and give her all the extra special love and attention she needs. Please heal and protect both of them and everyone around them. Please fix everything and work both of their life’s out and to make this work. Pray for breakthrough in every area of Jasmine‘s life, especially the part about Yusuf. Please work it all out for everybody. Amen