Badminton Club

The church badminton club meets on most Mondays (apart from Bank holidays) 8-10pm. We only play doubles, and there is no league or other competition – although games are still hotly contested ! There is a normal size badminton court marked out in the Clarke Hall, but in common with many other halls, space at the sides and ends is limited, so playing style has to be adapted accordingly. We use yellow plastic shuttles because they show up best against the white walls/ceiling

Apart from being fun and good exercise, the evening is also a social event and there are usually plenty of pauses for conversation between games. Although members tend to be mainly associated with the church, anyone can join providing numbers don’t get excessive, and current ages range from 20s to 70s. We’re probably not ideally suited to complete beginners, but otherwise players of any standard are welcome to come and try out for free – most members make a donation to the church of about £3 per week