Dear Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father how come i’m not enough for my Partner that he is wandering in his eyes and encouraging to add people who’re giving numbers of people out for free sex hookups why is it he doesn’t think i’m good enough for him anymore or attractive anymore i see these photos and profiles of these women and wonder Lord i know we’re fearfully and wonderfully made but why doesn’t my bf see this why is he hurting me my bf why is he when i am being faithful to him and doing all i can to stay so why can’t he see my faithfulness and love for him and want to marry him only and be with him why is he doing this to me as his gf i try so hard is my love not enough why is he chasing after other women when he has me who loves him i’m not prefect as you know Lord but i care for him Please save our relationship Lord i can’t cry no more and suffer when i try and i stay faithful to him in Jesus Mighty name i pray Amen